What You Can Do


Here in Puerto Princesa it is clear how much need there is for our programs. Wherever we look, there are mothers and children who do not have access to the most basic healthcare needs. You can help us in any of the following ways.

Support Our Work!

Come and Visit!
We are always happy to have visitors and our clients love sharing their stories with new people.

Join a Committee!
If you are in the Philippines or Hong Kong and are interested in dedicating some of your time to help spread the word, offer professional services or fund-raise, let us know!

Join a Team!
Check out these six projects on the crowd-funding platform Catapult. You can join a team to support women and girls, or donate as an individual. It’s quick, easy and we get 100% of the gift you pledge.

Roots of Health is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit. Your gift is tax deductible.