Work With Young People


High School Program

hs-girls-writing-1Palawan province has one of the highest teen pregnancy and HIV infection rates in the country. Currently, only Puerto Princesa City has HIV testing services and youth-friendly access points for young people to access reproductive healthcare. The further out of Puerto Princesa one ventures, the less accessible services become. Thus we are focusing our efforts on rural municipalities in which our services are currently unavailable.  

Beneficiaries are underserved young people with little to no access to reproductive health education and services. Those that serve this particular population, like school teachers and administrators as well as health officers and RHU staff, are skilled workers but have never had comprehensive sexuality education training, especially as it relates to the specific needs of young people.

Since 2013 we have taught over 26,000 students across Palawan. Topics cover puberty, gender, basic sex education, self-esteem, HIV, and healthy relationships.

Youth Advocates Program


We empower young people to be change-makers by training them to:

  • Provide accurate reproductive health information to their peers.
  • Distribute condoms to sexually active youth
  • Refer sexually active youth for contraceptive counseling or HIV testing
    Since 2013, we have trained 293 Youth Advocates who have in turn impacted more that 6,000 young people.