Hellos and Goodbye (June Update)

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Jul 082014
Hellos and Goodbye (June Update)

We’re experiencing mixed emotions this June. We’re lucky enough to have two smart, highly skilled new interns, but sadly have to say goodbye to one of our nurses.

Jun 062014
May the Rains Come in May

Greetings from sweltering Palawan!! This has been a long hard summer and we have begun to hope for rain and a little cooling in earnest, gazing wistfully at dark clouds over the mountains that somehow don’t quite make it to the city! But this has been our busiest summer ever, and May has been a Read more.

Oct 172013
September: The Start of the Financial Literacy Sessions

September was a very busy month, as we got back into community work full scale. A second round of women’s reproductive health classes in two communities, Aplaya and Magsasaka and the start of the Financial Literacy sessions in Little Tondo. We also intensified our Community Health Advocate and Student Health Advocate programs in colleges and communities.

Apr 282011
Risky Behavior

Brown University health researcher, Margeaux Berroth conducted a two-month intensive assessment of the health needs of the students of Palawan State University, Puerto Princesa. She found that many young people are having sex against the wishes of a church, family or other affiliated community, and that many are engaging in unprotected sex.

Nov 302010
ROH Branches Out

Many of the issues that communities face are more than we are equipped to deal with. We have been fortunate to have formed many positive partnerships with other organizations that have stepped in to help.