Jan 092017

annabellePalawan continues to battle maternal mortality – preventable deaths caused by complications of pregnancy and childbirth. We’ve trained our Community Health Advocates in recognizing warning signs of any danger during pregnancy and immediately after.

Recently one of our CHAs, Annabelle, contacted us because her neighbor, Rosa who had just given birth two weeks previously was experiencing body pain, fever, chills, and had an elevated blood pressure. Annabelle coordinated with another CHA, Let-Let. They called an ambulance and Let-Let went to the hospital with Rosa while Annabelle cared for Rosa’s newborn.

With Annabelle’s help Rosa managed to see a doctor and was diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection, as well as Postpartum Depression. She’s now on antibiotics, and the CHAs are rallying around her to help and support her. We could not be more proud of Annabelle and Let-Let’s care and are happy to report that this is exactly the kind of quick and empathetic care our CHAs provide to women and girls in their communities. We have empowered them and now they are caring for and empowering each other.

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