May 022013

Roots of Health Bar GirlsLast week Hong Kong Development Committee members Cristen Bauer, Katie Berroth, Marissa Needles and Sarah Ng participated in a bartending competition at Play nightclub for Roots of Health. It was a great turnout for all us and the two other charities involved, with old acquaintances and new friends of Roots of Health coming together to drink for a good cause.

Our team of four ladies managed to hold our own with the pros at the busy bar, learning how to shake cocktails and mix drinks, resulting in HK$1500 in the tip jar as an appreciation of their skills! Roots were proud to take second place, winning HK$12,000 in donations from Play. A total of HK$50,000 was donated to charity at the end of the day.

The event was part of Play’s ethos of using their platform to work with charities being to be an active part of the community and city. Special thanks go to the Play organisers Xuan Mu and Chi Ip.

You can check out all the photos here.


Roots of Health